Mert Shipping chartering department serves to customer who rented ship with contract of chartering.

We have extended vessels portfolio which provide to find out appropriate shipping. Prepare of contracting, make planning to cargo, we can arrange to order among shipload and transport vessels. It’s relationship can be between proper shipload and proper vessel. We lay the groundwork for these procedures. We make operation to management for shipping and landing on our customer behalf.

To occurring operation by in our controlling is so significant mission for us. We will work focus on your order kindly and we will careful during the preparing your order.

In order to, you can find the our provide to services as follows;

  • Iron and Steel
  • Packaged , plaster cast , medium- density fiberboard (MDF) , chipboard
  • Cereals , wheat , manure ( fertilizer )
  • Coal , irregular ironstone
  • All kinds of mineral with packaged or not packaged
  • Scrap

If you want to take any service for all of the above, you can contact directly with our charter team will back to you as soon as possible. Based on this, you can send to us with fill-in this form while press the button.