We are giving container transportation service with our large and powerful agency network from Turkey to other places and other places to Turkey, from world ports to world ports weekly and regularly.

  • FCL Container, Import / Export Transport,
  • LCL (partial) Container, Import / Export Transport,
  • Customer special reporting service,
  • Key Account Management,
  • Weekly Regular Offers,
  • Indirect Transit in Turkey,
  • Special Container Options (Opentop, Flatrack, Reefer, ISO tank, Flexi …),
  • Timely Document Delivery,
  • Fast, Reliable and Affordable Service

We provide LCL (partial) container and FCL container transportation service with our large and powerful agency network from container port in Turkey to world container ports and world container ports to container port in Turkey weekly regularly.
There are about 4,600 ports in the world. About 100 of those are with global significance. Among all ports on the world, since there is no possibility of mutual partial service, some high-volume ports are used as “HUB” (transfer port), with the transfer operations which can be provided with weekly regular plans at these ports, LCL (partial) container to a much larger number of destination ports.
LCL (partial) container transportation, As HUB (transfer port) the most preferred ports in the Far East are Singapore, Port Klang, Hong Kong; Dubai in the Middle East; and in Europe there are Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, ​​Genoa; Also New York and Miami Ports in America.
As Mert Shipping, we provide 37 main port direct service in LCL (partial) container export transportation, moreover in LCL (partial) there are 47 total direct services that is provides for importing container shipping port in Turkey.
Beside of that, transshipment import and export (partial) container service is provided from all the ports which is called HUB.
We provide fast, reliable and economical services through our local and global contracts with FCL import and export container shipments and with main service providers ie shipowners.
We are able to make solution partnership to our customers in special container ie, Opentop container, Flatrack container, Reefer container, ISO tank container, Flexitank container and so on with our expert sales and operation team in loading models.
Our Key Account management department; Our customer representatives are assigned to our customers to provide boutique services with special operational process management, system integration and reporting services.
It is our prime principle to provide fast, reliable, timely delivery of documents and services in all our services.