Words from İmdat Metin Zorer

Since MERT SHIPPING was established, some of the works which are already done are as follow;

  • Providing agency services for 80% of Turkish flagged vessels in İzmir and Aliağa port
  • Solving the salt needs of the ports of Black Sea with vessels of İzmir Çamaltı (ship renting + brokerage works)
  • Petroleum office + private sea tankers’ services in the ports of İzmir + Aliağa + Kuşadası
  • İzmir municipal gasworks factory discharges coal from zonguldak harbor to İzmir port for 25 years, transports by trucks and stacks of gasworks. Evacuation from ships at Izmir port, transportation by trucks and stacking of gasworks, for 25 years, the coal from zonguldak harbor to İzmir municipal gasworks factory.
  • Iskenderun iron factory to İzmir iron distribution factory and also transfering of them bu trucks to the factory lands.
  • Ship renting and brokerage work to bring fertilizer for the agricultural reinforcement institution in Turkey for a period of 1 year.
  • Leasing and brokerage works with small tonnage by limbo & transfer, for T.M.O, the large tonnage vessels that brought wheat to Izmir port from America, in order to alleviate burden and also reducing drafts of ships.
  • More than 5 years experience of leasing and brokerage from Aliağa port to İstanbul and Samsun ports.
  • Agency services in Izmir port and occasional ship chartering and brokerage services for foreign-flagged ships arriving to load their goods which are exporting cement and klinger abroad from İzmir in last 25 years.
  • Agency services of ships which are carrying goods such as exported and imported pulp, soybeans etc. for the oil and oil industry factories of İzmir, Aliağa, Iskenderun ports in last 25 years.
  • Shipping services to related destinations according to the needs and by determining the equipment and transportation for people who exports and imports spice, iron, steel, scrap, construction material, steel beam, plastic producer factories in Turkey.

All the things we have mentioned above are some of the things we already did and doing now.
We believe that the contributions of our new generation will be increased in the coming years.