Recep Fehmi Zorer (1909-1981)

Recep Fehmi Zorer was born in 1909 in Rize, Iyidere. His mother and father names are, Zekiye and Yusuf. They were also born in Rize. During his young time, Recep Fehmi Zorer, who worked in various missions on many ships, became the captain and for many years he was a captain beside his father Mr. Yusuf. Recep Fehmi Zorer’s wife is Zarife Zorer and his only son is İmdat Metin Zorer. Mr. Recep, who settled in İzmir after retirement, was established the first Turkish Shipping Agency in Izmir in 1947 with name RECEP FEHMİ ZORER DENİZ NAKLİYATI GEMİ ACENTALIĞI. He took role in many aspects of Turkish maritime development until 1978 and died in March 1981.