İmdat Metin Zorer (1942-2013)

İmdat Metin Zorer was born on January 14, 1942. Then, in 1946 he moved to Izmir with his family. In 1958, after finishing second year at high school and also starting the Faculty of Economics in 1960, he started to help his father and learn his business most of the time. Emine Metin Zorer was a graduate of economic from department of economic and commercial sciences. Company in 1975 with the request of his father continued with his title “RECEP FEHMİ VE OĞLU IMDAT METİN ZORER DENİZ NAKLİYATI GEMİ ACENTALIĞI”. Then in 1978 when his father left the company, continued with name “İMDAT METİN ZORER DENİZ NAKLİYATI GEMİ ACENTALIĞI”. In 1981, when his eldest son Cetin Zorer joined the firm, he thought of the younger son, Mert Zorer as a title who was one year old on that time. Since that time name of the company is  “MERT DENİZ NAKLİYATI GEMİ ACENTALIĞI”. Ship rental and ship agency services during Mr. Metin management mostly made with Turkish shipowners, our company was fulfilled 80 percent of port services of the Turkish-flagged vessels in Turkey. Mr. Metin served the vessels he rented and the encounter of all the Black Sea salt needs.Mr. Metin is the founder member of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. He worked as vice president for nearly 15 years. Mr. Metin was a great contributor to the establishment of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. He got sick in December 2012 and left his working life in February 2013. He died in same year June.