We are providing special boutique service for you from minimum cargo ship to charter plane loading to all your air waybill needs with providing space guarantees and economic freight.

  • Import / Export Transports,
  • Worldwide Strong Agency Network,
  • Delivery to every point of the world, from door to door,
  • Regular Consolidation every week from the Far East and Europe,
  • Project Carrying,
  • Transit Loading Carriage,
  • Bulky Goods Private Vehicles,
  • Express Service,
  • CCharter and Multimodal Services,
  • Fast, Reliable and Affordable Service,
  • Sea + Airplane Service,
  • Services that require specialization,
  • KeyAccount Management

Our Airline Department has come up with its boutique service approach and focused to provide better service to the customers by adding new services every year.
We are able to provide export and import services for all airports serving international trade. We offer door-to-door transportation services with our strong agency network and high quality service understanding. Our fast delivery options for Hand Care and Time Critical needs are among our alternative solutions for our customers.
We are providing our customers with extra cost advantages in import / export air carriers with airlines and agencies with special agreements that is made and specialized for many years.  We are working with power to save from both time and warehouse expenses in logistics processes of our customers and also fast delivery of documents, which is our main target since our establishment until today.
By producing solutions for needs, to help the customers to give their concentration to other fields such as production, marketing, sales and taking the logistical burden from them, to act as solution partner is our priority service understanding.