Mert Shipping was founded by Fehmi Zorer in 1947 at İzmir and which grew into agency within years by the advanced services. Furthermore, this vessel agency served to more than 400 Vessel. This service an important step became for ship –owner, lessor, export shipper and customers. We have advanced contact with them and our logistics department was being preferable by for that reason. Mert shipping has own advanced staff in the logistics field and casting vessel, casting cargo, container transportation. Our firm served to a lot of cement, soy, iron and steel plant of vessel agent, lease and rental services, spices, textile, plastics, construction materials and wire mesh. Our agent department runs services to loading and unloading with 80% Vessel which own Turkish Flag in İzmir. Our logistics department serves to land transport and aerial transportation and particularly maritime transportation and our department can able to find a solution rational and rapid against to problem.

Mert shipping company focused on business ethics to learning from family elders which served to shipping agency in the Turkey’s Port and Transit passing agent of Çanakkale and İstanbul Bosporus, chartering, fuel oil and provision and ship repair. We use to standard and exclusive equipment to the services and we have been providing service around world-wide onward go on for an age.